Thursday, May 14, 2009

Winter is Here!!

The rain is here, but luckily down on the farm is warm and dry thanks to our new shelters. They are awesome I love to lie under them, and I don't even mind the rain so much.

They are especially great for the goats, who need really good shelter. They hate the rain and don't have a protective coat, so need good shelter to stay warm and dry.

We have had heaps of farm animals in lately, a couple of pigs, sheep, goats, horses, plenty of roosters and even some white pigeons. If you know of anyone who might be keen to adopt them, please refer to our website

Here is a little snippet of a wee piglet, who has now gone to a foster home, until he is big enough to adopt. At last I will get some peace and quiet, he is pretty cute though.

Don't forget to watch TVOne this Sunday at 7.30pm. The programme 'Sunday' is doing a report on factory farming of pigs in New Zealand. Find out why nearly half a million people will have grave doubts about eating factory farmed pork products after watching this show.

In more education news, we have another new member of our team. Her name is 'Dippy', because half of her tail looks like it has been dipped in chocolate. She is very friendly, and loves to crawl down peoples jumpers. Here is a pic of her, take a look.

Well thats all from me for now, I will try and update my next blog a little sooner. See ya oink oink Chester.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School Holiday Programme Success!!

Hi again! Well its well into summer now, and its hot! hot! hot! Don't forget that all of your animals need a place to stay cool in the summer. Trees, man made shelters, ponds are great for your farm animals, even shade sails.

Heres a pic of me keeping myself cool

If you own rats, some of them love to swim, especially in the summer time.

Our rats even have their own little paddling pool. It consists of an unused paint tray, some tasty treats and of course some water. Fill the deep side of the paint tray with water, throw in some frozen peas, or something they love to eat, and they will love to have a paddle racing after their treats.

Its nearly back to school time. The Auckland SPCA school holiday programme was a great success. I had heaps of fun, meeting some great kids.

I can't wait until the next one, where I know we will have even more fun.

Check out the pics of our school holiday programme.

Young Pet Carers, outside Georges Barn

I know our rabbits, guinea pigs and rats enjoyed themselves, especially when the kids made them some vegetable wraps!!

They also loved being groomed by the young kiddies!

My mate Wayne loved the attention he got!

Thats the end of my blog until next time, have a great summer, and remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap!!